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June 2011 - Nancy and David Writebol
"Blessed are those who dwell in your house, ever singing your praise!" (Psalm 84:4).
The Sounds of Praise
You may want to read this newsletter in a quiet place, perhaps with the sounds of an African children’s choir softy playing in the background. It is the sound we hear often as we go through busy days at the Rafiki Village Zambia. How blessed we are to hear the children enthusiastically singing hymns and choruses they have learned at school and at home. The singing and their laughter make the perfect soundtrack for the work God is doing here.
Where does the pumpkin for making breakfast muffins come from? We gather it from our own pumpkin patch and from the local farmers in season. This means that we have a lot of work to do in pumpkin season. The pumpkins are cooked and cooled, and then must be peeled to put into bags for freezing. Our third-grade and second-grade girls serenaded the Village as they scooped and scraped and bagged pumpkin—a sweet backdrop to hard work, expressing the joy of a job well-done. The muffins will have special flavor this year. We give God thanks for His goodness and for the help of MiniMissionary friends Beth and Bob Shaw.
Gracious and her pumpkin
As David passed by school classrooms, he can always hear the sound of children reciting the memory verse for the week, or chanting the lessons of grammar or math. Rafiki offers our school curriculum and Rafiki Bible Study Lessons to partner church schools whose headmasters have attended training at the Rafiki Village. Last month, the Reformed Baptist Association Church of Zambia (REBCAZ) was delighted to send the head teachers from one of their schools to the Rafiki Village to learn about integrating a biblical worldview into their classroom and curriculum. One attendee commented, “Rafiki staff, your labors in the Lord are not in vain. You are making a remarkable difference in these orphans’ lives.” These educators formed a choir and sang a hymn of praise to God for our children as they departed.
The Rafiki Village in Zambia has added more voices to the choir this month. Four girls, all sisters, have opened our sixth cottage, making our total fifty four, with thirty three day students at school. God has appointed them to us, even when we were not sure that they would be able to come. Veronica, Tapiwa, Naomi, and Esther are adjusting well to their new home and two will be starting school this week. They had shared a two-room house with fifteen other people, often worried about their next meal. Their arrival is a special cause for rejoicing, since together we have been praying specifically for four girls!
Esther Has arrived at her new Rafiki Home!
We will surely miss the sounds of the Rafiki Village as we travel to the U.S. during the month of July. Our itinerary calls for a stop at the Rafiki Home Office in Eustis, Florida, for Enrichment Week and meetings. In addition, we will visit our son, Brian, wife Esther, and granddaughters Anna and Elise in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Our U.S. travel will permit us brief stays in Charlotte NC; Fulton MO; Santa Rosa CA (with our son Jeremy, wife Stephanie, granddaughter Allie, and grandson Ethan); and Denver CO.

July 1 to 7: Charlotte NC
July 8 to 15: Fulton MO
July 16 to 22: Santa Rosa CA
July 23 to 28: Denver CO
We are preparing for our seventh, two-year term with Rafiki. We are asking God to supply our needs for the period from January 2012 to December 2013. Would you prayerfully consider being a part of our support team? Please contact the Rafiki Home Office to make a pledge or gift for our support.
Prayer Points
Praise to God for:
• the arrival of new children at the Rafiki Village.
• sending MiniMissionaries Hillary, Art, Karol, Jerry, Beth, and Bob—their service to the Rafiki Village Zambia provided critical help at just the right time.
• the addition of Mabel and Tim Koop to the ROS (Rafiki Overseas Staff) team to join Primrose Pennicooke and us.
• God would provide mothers and teachers to the Village staff so that we can bring more children to the Village.
• God would call additional ROS to the field.
• God would provide the needed funds for our seventh term of service.
Nancy and David Writebol
Nancy and David Writebol
Post.Net Box 232
P/Bag E891
Lusaka, Zambia
ROS #97
E-mail: rafiki.zm@attglobal.net
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